Authentic, Italian flavours.


Authentic, Italian flavours

Filini is fresh white napkins on clean wooden tables. Simply cooked Italian food crafted from carefully chosen ingredients. Quick, friendly, unpretentious service.

Collectively, the wine, food, details and people make Filini a contemporary, memorable Italian dining experience.

What we serve

Filini is all flavour. Substantial time and effort are put into gathering the very best ingredients from Italy and its many regions. We take pride in serving satisfyingly simple food with flourish and flair.

Our accommodating wine list features selections from across Italy and includes affordable classics and exclusive wine varietals. We capture the depth and character of the Italian coffee culture with our beverage card, which also includes everything from dry martinis to Italian mineral water.

Appealing to all the senses

At Filini we understand that a great restaurant experience doesn’t just involve delicious food, it’s also about dining in attractive and accommodating surroundings.

Dark wooden floors and neutral backgrounds come together with rich fabrics, warm leathers and elaborate details to greet you with immediate appeal and distinctive atmosphere.

This welcome is one of our signature touches and is every bit as important as the welcome extended by our thoughtful, friendly and competent service staff.

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Discover the taste of Italy in cities around the world. No matter where you sit down to eat with us, you can expect the same fantastic Italian flavours, great service and sophisticated décor.

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